Shakira Damji

Golin Digital

UX Designer 2015-07 2017-05

Sitemapping, information architecture, client workshops, wireframing, UX prototying and user testing, UX reviews, user journey mapping

Golin are a creative agency who focus on PR and digital. They work with clients such as Unilever, Kraft Heinz and Tesco. This initial role provided a solid foundation in UX Design. Client facing role in an agency setting. Worked with a variety of organisations to improve the user experience and information architecture of their websites. Planned and ran client workshops, ran user testing sessions attended focus groups and used real user data to inform decisions. Worked with clients to help them understand their key equirements and turned them into tangible prototypes.


Let's Do This 8 Week Challenge for the British Heart Foundation - Focus group and design improvements to rework an existing goal setting app. Redesigned the app for the 8 week challenge run by British Heart Foundation.

St Martin in the Fields Website - Working with the SMITF team to redesign their public website.

My Tesco for Tesco - improving internal systems for Tesco staff


  • User research
  • User testing
  • Client workshops
  • Wireframing
  • Handing off to in-house development team